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Successful mortgage lending starts with superior customer service

What happens when borrowers can’t or won’t walk into a lending branch? HousingWire recently sat down with Insellerate CEO Josh Friend to discuss that very question and what strategies retail lenders should look to adopt from direct-to-consumer lending. HW: What are some strategies that retail lenders should look at adopting from direct-to-consumer lending? Josh Friend: Amid this global pandemic, mortgage rates have been at historically low levels, borrower demand has increased, refi’s have broken records and lenders […]
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Innovations Award Winners Speak Out

The PROGRESS in Lending Innovations Award Winners talk about the future of mortgage lending. Mortgage executives came together to attend PROGRESS in Lending Association’s Eleventh Annual Innovations Awards Event digitally. We named the top innovations of the past twelve months. After that event, we wondered what would happen if we brought together executives from the winning companies to talk about mortgage technology innovation. Where do they see the state of industry innovation right now? And […]

Understanding Today’s Connected Borrower

Today’s borrower is tech-savvy, digitally focused, and want’s communication to be frequent, timely, personal and highly engaging through multiple channels. The borrower’s expectations have changed dramatically over the last couple of years.  Many stating the “Amazon Effect”, instantly search for a product, read reviews, click to order, and the product is often delivered to their home the next day. The challenge for the mortgage industry is that historically the industry has been transaction focused versus […]

What Trends Will Shape the Origination Space?

Story from January edition of MReport Amid the economic havoc created during the coronavirus pandemic, the residential mortgage industry emerged as one of the relatively few bright spots in an otherwise dismal environment. That is not to say the industry didn’t face its share of challenges – rapidly changing federal regulations, the impact of social distancing protocols on a traditionally person-to-person business and the abrupt migration from offices to working from home were among the most pressing […]

Volumes & Communication Impacting Borrower Satisfaction Scores

Amid this global pandemic, mortgage rates have been at historically low levels; borrower demand has increased, refi’s have broken records, while lenders have had to shift in many instances to a remote workforce. With record-low mortgage rates driving sustained borrower demand, MBA forecasts mortgage originations to total $3.18 trillion in 2020 – the most since 2003 ($3.81 trillion).  The Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) announced that purchase originations are expected to grow 8.5% to a new […]

Loan Officer Mobility

Everything is going digital today— zoom parties, virtual happy hours, virtual open houses—which means that your team needs to be available virtually. To highlight how important it is to be virtually available, MIT studied online leads. It found that if you call a lead in the first five minutes versus one hour, you’re one hundred times more likely to get a hold of them. Call a lead in five minutes versus thirty minutes. You’re going to be […]

Insellerate: Sales and Marketing Engagement Mobile App for Mortgage Professionals

Introducing the Next Wave of Mortgage Technology. The first of its kind solution for the mortgage industry, Insellerate’s Sales & Marketing Engagement Mobile App automates In-bound call routing, lead distribution, full lead management, remote call tracking, click to call, and pipeline management. It even automates multi-channel marketing through social media, email, direct mail, compliant text messaging, ringless voicemail, and phone calls to enable better borrower engagement from the palm of a loan officers’ hands. Watch […]

Data Insights And Its Impact On Borrower Engagement

The Insellerate platform, in the last three years alone, has handled over 2.6 million borrower applications and 66 million prospects. So if you take a look at how many touchpoints each one of those has had, we’re talking about hundreds of millions of different touchpoints and data points throughout the borrower’s journey. This data provides excellent insights into what’s happening throughout the mortgage process with consumers and the trends impacting borrower engagement. Brand loyalty in the mortgage industry right now […]

How is technology transforming borrower engagement? – Featured Article by the CMBA in their member spotlight.

About Josh Friend and Insellerate Josh Friend began his career as a loan officer and soon moved on to open six mortgage call centers. Over the past 21 years, he has grown to manage and train thousands of loan officers, processors, and marketing managers. That experience has helped him market to millions of consumers, with that experience he has dedicated himself to building software for the mortgage industry since 2004.  With a keen eye for developing best-in-class sales […]

Transforming Borrower Engagement Through Strategy, Process, And Automation

In today’s rapidly changing lending environment, it is critical to identify solutions that are working and producing actual results for other lenders.  Pipelines are full; employees are working remotely, and communicating with your prospective borrowers is more critical than ever.  That’s why I spoke with two lenders that are producing significant results to share their stories to assist you along your journey. John Kresevic, CEO of JFQ Lending, and Nick Rutherford, Director of Business Development and […]

Long Live Direct Mail: 5 Best Practices for Your Next Marketing Campaign

In today’s climate, marketers have to get pretty creative if they want to earn the attention of borrowers. Many lenders have seen great success nurturing online leads through digital marketing channels. With so many ways to reach consumers online, offline channels should not be forgotten because the truth is: Direct mail is not dead. To earn the attention of the modern borrower, it’s best to leverage a mix of online and offline marketing channels. Here are five best practices […]