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Engagement Platform

How many opportunities have you lost because you:

Couldn’t follow up on a lead fast enough?
Lacked the right data and strategy to help your borrower?
Didn’t stay connected and engaged to the customer after the deal was done, so you could pick up repeat business?

Acquire More Customers Through Borrower Engagement

The customer journey must be personalized and involve real-time interactions that are tailored to each customer and, where possible, deliver true wow moments that leave a lasting impression. Our Engagement Platform can help YOU figure out how to use and interact with YOUR customers and referral partners digitally, to increase engagement. Here’s how!

Automated Communication

Contact Strategy Management

Other Engagement Tools

Grow Your Business By Nurturing Every Opportunity To The Close And Beyond

If you want to stand out in this competitive industry, generate more leads, and learn how to close more loans, you need to build relationships with your customers, and referral partners to make the loan process personal. One in five customers choose their lender based on a recommendation from a friend – a recommendation that is greatly influenced by customer engagement and satisfaction (93% of engaged customers said they were extremely likely to recommend service to a friend, vs. only 3% of the actively disengaged segment), according to a Gallup Poll. Staying engaged with your customer and referral partners sets you apart from other lenders, and grows your business. To communicate and genuinely connect with today’s consumers, lenders need to personalize touch points throughout the customer’s journey, while making each engagement relevant to the prospect’s specific business requirements.

At Insellerate, we help you transform your borrower’s journey by serving up relevant, timely content through multiple channels to maximize engagement, therefore significantly improving conversion rates for lenders. Lenders get access to our entire Engagement suite, through the Insellerate Customer Experience Platform.

Get On-Demand Access To Your Loan Data

Reply Quickly To Your Borrower’s or Referral Partners Request

It’s all about timing and keeping the momentum with your borrower and referral partner engagement. Whether you’re in your office, working remotely, in a meeting, or at your kid’s sporting event, you have the solution to:

Get incoming leads directly to your phone + interact with borrowers and partners instantly

Access loan files remotely without having to go into the LOS

Get lead alerts from your website, Zillow, or Lending Tree

As a result, your customer is contacted in less than 30 seconds. Imagine you have instantly given an informed answer to your borrower’s request. The opportunity keeps progressing, and all while you are not even in the office. And instant engagement equals higher conversions!

Organize Your Day For Top Efficiency

Keep yourself informed throughout the day and organize your priorities. You’ll know exactly where to spend your time.

The Insellerate Engagement Platform sends alerts to your home screen, such as:

New lead alerts
Prioritization alerts to easily organize your day for top efficiency
Calendar alerts for requests, invites or other information
Text message alerts



“One of our main goals by transitioning to insellerate was to move our consumer direct and our retail platforms to one CRM system.”

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