Revolutionizing Lending with AI-Powered Technology

Uncover the incredible impact of game-changing technology on sales management, loan officer productivity, and the customer journey like never before.
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Sales Manager Efficiency

Enhancing Sales Management With AI

  • Easily turn Artificial Intelligence insights into actionable events utilizing Open AI.
  • Increase Sales manager effectiveness and lower sales management cost by automating call reviews.
  • Our AI-powered solution offers real-time call monitoring, coaching, and insights, reducing sales management costs significantly.

Loan Officer Efficiency

Empowering Loan Officers with AI Insights

  • Lower wasted time of Loan Officers by calling and speaking to borrowers that don’t qualify or need a loan.

  • Increase loan officer efficiency by giving them the right leads to call based on deal probability and intelligent notes.

  • AI analyzes customer data to provide personalized insights, helping loan officers offer the right loan quickly.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Delivering Personalized Customer Interactions

  • Improve the borrower experience by reducing repeated conversations and providing marketing and actionable follow-ups based on specific needs.

  • AI enables loan officers to engage customers with relevant, personalized conversations, driving satisfaction and loyalty.

Integration and Flexibility

CRM Agnostic

  • Easily integrates with any CRM, allowing for customization and optimization based on specific business requirements.

  • Can be utilized for any sales or customer service channels or needs beyond mortgage, making it highly adaptable and future-proof.

AI Call Assistant

Hot List

AI Call Assistant

Sentiment Analysis

Understand the general tone and customer interest based on advanced AI models to determine: 

  • Customer interest
  • Loan officer performance 
  • Overall customer sentiment 
  • Call outcome

Important Data

  • What were the specifics of the call?
  • Current loan amount
  • Value of home
  • Income amount 
  • Credit 
  • Amount for down payment 
  • When they are looking to buy?
  • Do they have a realtor?
  • Who is on the loan?
  • Contact information
  • And other important information.

Action Items

Based on the call what are the next steps? Example: 

  • Pull credit
  • Send rates 
  • Update loan application 
  • Send over contact information for realtor
  • Send disclosures
  • Borrower to send over bank statements

Deal Possibility Assessment

AI can determine whether the customer has the potential to qualify for and need a loan, based on: 

  • Credit
  • Income 
  • Loan to value
  • Need
  • Benefit
  • Implied or expressed interest
    And other variables.

Coaching Tips

Easy to follow specific coaching tips based on the call. Example: 

  • Whether they confirmed the best time to call
  • Clarified a question 
  • Need to build more rapport with small talk 
  • Need to build credibility 
  • And other many other intelligent tips

Follow Up

Based on call what are the follow up items? Example: 

  • Call in a day to review loan options
  • Discuss down payment with borrower
  • Clarify income and review tax returns
  • Email update disclosures

Call Review

Score your Loan Officers or CSR’s based on general sales technique and rules plus any custom desire. 

  • Did they build rapport?

  • Did they clearly explain the option?

  • Did they listen to and address the customers needs?

  • Did they ask for the business or any other specific needs?

  • Company values

  • Compliance 


Key items missed on call. Example:

  • Did they state their NMLS number?
  • Did they verify the email address?
  • Did they use permission-based selling?
  • Did they build credibility?
  • Did they use the company mission statement?
  • Did they advise the call was being monitored or recorded?

The Future is Now!

With AI-powered insights, lenders can revolutionize their operations and gain a competitive advantage.

Don’t wait for the future; adopt this game-changing technology now to stay ahead in the lending. industry.