Enable Your Sales Team’s Superpower

Empower your sales team with timely information about their prospects and referral partners
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Sales Enablement

With a powerful tool to empower your sales team with timely information about their prospects and referral partners:

Expand your pipeline

Enhance your referral partner network

Communicate and genuinely connect with your borrower and referral partners

Personalize your touchpoints throughout the customer’s journey
Make it easier for your team to close more loans

Leverage Sales Enablement To Grow Your Revenue

Our Customer Experience Platform is designed to help you close more loans through Sales Enablement. We help YOU enable YOUR sales teams to personalize touchpoints throughout the customer’s journey and make each engagement relevant to the prospect’s specific needs… In addition, lenders can leverage these powerful tools to build and enhance their referral partner relationships.

Expanded Pipelines

Timely and Effective Outreach

Sales Conversions

Enable your loan officer and referral partners

Insellerate Sales Enablement features:

Priority alerts
Mobile and Desktop
Lead Distribution
Prebuilt content
Contact strategy management
Automated communication with everyone involved
Inbound call routing
Partner/referral tracking
Access to relevant information



“Being able to see all of your loans in Insellerate at one page really makes it easy for a loan officer to organize their day. You don’t have to flip back and forth between your LOS and your CRM. If you need a quick bit of information, all of that information is mapped back into the CRM system and you can access all of your clients and their personal details in a click of a button.”

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