Connect Episode 28 – Josh Friend, CEO/Founder, Insellerate


Welcome to Connect, a podcast featuring one-on-one interviews with some of the top movers-and-shakers in the mortgage industry. Our 28th episode is a replay of our conversation with Josh Friend, CEO/Founder, Insellerate.

This episode covers a variety of topics around the mortgage industry including the following:

1:57– Josh’s Journey to Insellerate

3:58 – How is Insellerate dealing with COVID-19 challenges?

5:37 – Long-term impact of COVID-19 on industry?

11:22 – Borrower engagement: what are lenders doing right/wrong?

18:08 – How do lenders/LOs stay organized with their varied communication methods with borrowers?

20:41 – Is the next “big thing” better use of existing tech and optimizing the stack?

31:05 – Tips for younger professionals

35:15 – Importance of advocacy

40:28 – Closing thoughts…

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