Connect Episode 60 | Insellerate Takeover


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It’s the Insellerate takeover! In this week’s episode, Insellerate’s Josh Friend talks with industry insider Rob Chrisman about outlook for mortgage rates, inflation, expectations for the CFPB under the new administration, home prices, how lenders should prepare now for the future market, and much more!

Welcome to Connect, a podcast featuring one-on-one interviews with some of the top movers-and-shakers in the mortgage industry.

In our 60th episode, our podcast sponsor Insellerate takes over for a great conversation with Josh Friend, CEO, Insellerate and Rob Chrisman,

Topics of discussion:

3:10​ – What is the outlook for interest rates and inflation?

10:06​ – What should we expect from the CFPB under the new administration?

17:04​ – A ‘win-win’ for customers and lenders

22:06​ – What factors are impacting home prices?

28:36​ – How should lenders position themselves to take advantage of the future market?

33:08​ – What is the biggest challenge for the industry in 2021?

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