Connect Episode 52 | Josh Friend, Founder & CEO, Insellerate


Welcome to Connect, a podcast featuring one-on-one interviews with some of the top movers-and-shakers in the mortgage industry. Our 52nd episode we welcome Josh Friend, Founder & CEO, Insellerate.

Topics of discussion:

3:35​ – Much of the focus in the past half-decade (or more) in the realm of customer/user experience has been on the front end/end-user side. But since the advent of digital mortgage platforms that put the borrower in the driver’s seat, it seems like the industry has started to realize that we can improve the customer experience by also innovating in process/technology that the customer may not always realize. What are your thoughts on this shift?

7:26​ – Where are we going to see the next big breakthrough in customer experience?

​ – What changes will we see as the pendulum swings back to purchase?

12:42​ – What is the most effective strategy to stay in touch with borrowers throughout the process, and how can originators maintain touch with borrowers during high volume periods?

16:23​ – Does the increasing ability of the borrower to educate themselves (with greater access to information) change how originators communicate with (and what they communicate) borrowers?

23:08​ – How are the top lenders today turning the vast amount of data into actionable intelligence to drive sales further?

28:23​ – What should we be keeping our eye on as far as new releases from Insellerate this year?

31:43​ – It’s easy to forget the importance of industry advocacy efforts when volumes are high and everyone is busy and happy. Why should companies make sure to invest in the advocacy work of groups like the California MBA in times good and not-so-good?

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