I recently sat down with Wint Winter to glean more of his wisdom

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“Even if it has a bad reputation, it is still important to be one of the leaders and do things right…..” – Wint Winter

In 2000, Wint Winter became EVP and General Counsel of Peoples Bank, “Banking Unusual”​, the Winter family bank holding company, with 25 branches in Kansas, Colorado, and New Mexico.

In 2002, he became President and CEO of Peoples Bank in Kansas and led the merger of two banks in Kansas and one in New Mexico.

When Peoples, Inc. was sold on January 1, 2018, it had nearly 40 branches in 11 states with nearly $1Billion in assets and just less than 1,000 employees.

Even though I served on his team for years and learned so much from him, I recently sat down with Wint to glean more of his wisdom.

Conversation with wint winter