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How Customer Experience Is Transforming the Borrower’s Journey & Creating Customers for life!

In todays Hot Topic we’re excited to have Josh Friend, Founder and CEO of Insellerate on the podcast to discuss the current state of the mortgage industry and why customer experience is the next major competitive advantage for lenders.

Want to know more aboutJosh Friend, Founder and CEO of Insellerate?

Josh is a seasoned entrepreneur whose impact on the mortgage industry at large is unmistakable from his early days of working at a mortgage company, to rising the ranks, to running a mortgage company; he has helped thousands of people realize the dream of homeownership, has trained 1,000’s of loan officers that are directly affecting hundreds of thousands of borrowers if not millions over his 21-year career. Josh now dedicates himself solely to helping other lenders be more successful through better borrower engagement.

To read more about Insellerate click here

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