LenderHomePage and Insellerate Partner to Maximize Loan Officer Productivity

News | Press Release: Insellerate's Innovative New Solution—Agent Connect™
Insellerate and Loanzify integration announcement

The integration between Loanzify POS and Insellerate offers streamlined multi-channel communication that increases retention and conversion rates.

LenderHomePage, industry-leading mortgage point-of-sale system, announced their partnership with Insellerate, a Customer Experience Platform (CEP) that delivers lead management, sales enablement, engagement, and robust mortgage specific content libraries. Now clients of both platforms will be provided with seamless automation that maximizes loan officer productivity while enhancing the borrower’s digital mortgage experience.

CEO of LenderHomePage, Rocky Foroutan, said, “Last year proved how critical digital transformation is in modern lending. But the true differentiating factor — the one that separates the winners from the rest — lies in leveraging innovation with personalization.”

LenderHomePage previously developed Loanzify POS, so lenders of all sizes can manage their pipeline with flexible intake requirements and interactive consumer-facing tools to customize their brand. Since 2003, the company has been the leading provider of compliant digital mortgage platforms, commonly used for lending websites, mobile apps, and mortgage POS solutions.

Insellerate’s Customer Experience Platform allows loan officers to quickly communicate with their borrowers in a highly personalized way through text, social media, email, direct mail, phone, and ringless voicemail. Customers can receive timely, relevant information based on data intelligence to produce repeatable outcomes at each stage.

Together, the integration between Loanzify POS and Insellerate offers streamlined multi-channel communication that increases retention and conversion rates.

“We’re excited to partner with Insellerate to offer our clients a dynamic Customer Experience Platform and intake functionality that empowers them to take full advantage of these two powerful solutions,” CEO Foroutan added.

About Insellerate:
Insellerate helps lenders close more loans through better borrower engagement. The mortgage industry’s most innovative Customer Experience Platform (CEP) which delivers Lead Management, Sales Enablement, Engagement, a Robust Mortgage Specific Content Library, and Data Intelligence all in one comprehensive and highly scalable platform. Insellerate delivers dynamic technology, strategy, and content for every channel of your business to ensure engagement throughout the customer journey, whether it be with your borrowers, referral partners, or any other party to the loan transaction.

This dynamic enterprise solution seamlessly fits into your tech stack (Phone integration, POS, LOS, Servicing system, Data enrichment) due to our advanced API connectivity, modern design, and open architecture. Gone are the days of managing multiple and separate systems (CRM, marketing automation, lead management, and more) and having your data trapped in data silos. This innovative platform allows you to provide your internal and external customers timely, relevant information based on data intelligence to build repeatable outcomes at each stage of the customer’s journey.For more information, visit our website or contact us at 855-973-1646.

About LenderHomePage:
Since 2003, LenderHomePage.com is the leading provider of a secure and compliant cloud-based digital mortgage platform that powers lender websites, mobile apps, and mortgage POS solutions. Mortgage lenders of all sizes use LenderHomePage.com’s customizable and scalable solutions to enhance borrower experience, streamline the mortgage process, and increase Loan Officer productivity and efficiency.

About Loanzify:
Loanzify POS by LenderHomePage is part of a suite of innovative productivity solutions developed for the modern mortgage professional.

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