Sales Boomerang partners with Insellerate

News | April 29, 2021

Sales Boomerang, an automated borrower intelligence and retention system, has expanded its integration with mortgage customer experience platform Insellerate. By combining loan opportunity alerts from Sales Boomerang with Insellerate’s automated, multi-channel marketing the deal is expected to help lenders increase customer retention and convert more leads to loans.

“Between home purchases, refis and home-equity loans, the average consumer will do 11 mortgages in their lifetime,” said ales Boomerang CEO Alex Kutsishin. “Sales Boomerang’s goal is to help lenders earn their customer’s loyalty across all 11 loans by presenting meaningful financial opportunities at exactly the right time, every time. Our integration with Insellerate doesn’t just make that kind of customer service possible, it makes it easy and efficient.”

Sales Boomerang analyzes consumer and market data in real-time to alert lenders when a prospect or past customer is ready for a new loan. On average, lenders using Sales Boomerang improve their borrower retention by 11.66% and see a 20 to 40% average lift to loan volume, the company said.

Insellerate combines customer relationship management (CRM) tools with a full range of customer engagement capabilities, including built-in lead management, sales enablement and automated marketing. The platform’s rich content library and modern architecture are purpose-built to integrate seamlessly with any lender’s existing tech stack.

“Insellerate’s comprehensive customer engagement toolset, combined with real-time opportunity alerts from Sales Boomerang, keeps lenders competitive in any market by helping originators find more opportunities, work more efficiently and close more loans,” said Insellerate CEO Josh Friend.

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