How To Retain A Customer For Life Through Modern Automation!

Webinar | July 15, 2020

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Statistics show that the average consumer will obtain 7-11 loans over the course of their lifetime but only 25% will go back to their original lender when they are looking for another loan.



Grant is the CEO and founder of Home Captain, Inc., one of the fastest growing real estate tech companies. In keeping with Home Captain’s focus on serving its customers, Grant authored The Ultimate Guide to VA Loans in 2013 and The Ultimate Guide to Home Buying 2018.



CEO and founder of Insellerate has a 20-year history in the mortgage industry building and growing mortgage companies, which has led him to the founding of Insellerate, a platform built to help lenders close more loans. #mortgagecrm #insellerate #mortgagepos #automationmortgage #loanofficers #homecaptain

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Automating customer engagement isn’t a new concept in the mortgage space. From industry titans like Quicken, whose rapid growth many attribute to its automated lead gen practices, to small town America’s many one-person shops, taking the daily burden of client engagement off a loan officer’s plate is one of the most effective ways of ensuring a brokerage’s staff is spending its time doing what it does best.

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Insellerate reports record demand for borrower tech – NEXT Mortgage News

Insellerate reports record demand for borrower tech

Josh Friend

July 29, 2020

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