Explosive Keys to Your Loan Officers Significantly Outperforming National Production Numbers.

Success Stories | Video | May 26, 2020

Conversation with Alan Lacey, Regional Vice President, Northpointe Bank with Josh Friend, CEO & Founder, Insellerate

Northpointe Bank was founded in 1999 & added a Consumer Direct Division in 2012 which has seen significant growth & extremely efficient loan officers leveraging technology and process Northpointe Bank’s Consumer Direct Division is doing more than 30 loans per month per loan officer drastically outperforming national averages.

Listen to this dynamic discussion about how North Pointe’s Consumer Direct team is so productive, their growth trajectory, and the technology that is helping make this happen.

Tech Stack


Insellerate is a key strategic partner in helping us reach and exceed our growth goals. It has allowed us to manage inputs, control the process, and do a better job engaging with our borrowers.

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