Insellerate founder/CEO to speak at June’s summit

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Josh Friend will share tips for “Keeping Prospects Warm”

In today’s lending environment, interacting with prospective and current borrowers requires more than a phone call or email. Now it’s about tapping into new media channels like social media and text to reach consumers where they’re most active online.

That’s the crux of what Josh Friend, founder and CEO of Insellerate, has created and scaled. His mortgage customer relationship management (CRM) platform taps automated marketing and lead management, all while increasing efficiency and nurturing long-terms customers for the lender.

Friend embodies the role of The Agile Marketer, our theme for this year’s virtual summit, which is why we’ve invited him to speak at the event in less than two weeks. His platform handles more than 50,000 applications a month, and that transactional data helps to identify what communication strategies move a lead along, giving critical marketing insight.

“Over the past decade I founded and developed companies that have consistently operated at 30 – 40% higher conversation rates than the national average,” Friend said in his LinkedIn profile. “As the percent of consumers who research and purchase products and services online continues to increase at an accelerated pace, the keys to driving ROI will be efficiency and immediacy.”

Friend started as a loan officer and moved on to open six mortgage call centers, training loan officers, processors and marketing managers throughout the last 18 years.

Friend saw a need for an end-to-end sales support technology for mortgage loan officers, and he started Insellerate in 2013. Five years later, the company was named to HousingWire’s Tech100, highlighting the most innovating technology companies in housing.

Don’t miss the opportunity to hear Friend’s session, Keeping Prospects Warm, at the virtual summit by registering here. He is just one of the incredible real estate and mortgage leaders we have lined up for June 11-12, including Casey HurbisRick ArvieloPatty ArvieloSarah DeCiantisBarbara YollesAlec HansonBrian CoveyKevin Peranio and many more.

An article published on Housing Wire by Angela de Gale

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