Fintech Hunting Episode #45 with the incredible Andrew Mears, Division Manager Bank of England and Josh Friend Founder & CEO Insellerate

Podcast | August 22, 2020

Don’t miss this newly released episode of the Fintech Hunting Podcast where we discuss current market conditions, the new GSE changes, consumer direct and retail in today’s market, and the announcement of industry first innovation to radically transform borrower engagement with the incredible Andrew Mears, Division Manager Bank of England and Josh Friend Founder & CEO Insellerate.

Andrew joined the Bank of England in 2018 as a Division Manager. Prior to joining Bank of England, Andrew served as Senior Vice President of Residential Lending at Congressional Bank where he co-lead the Indianapolis/Minneapolis/Atlanta based Lending Group. Prior to that, Andrew was an Executive Vice President at Ace Mortgage Funding, LLC. Prior to Ace Mortgage, Andrew was a Vice President at Wells Fargo Financial holding several senior management positions in Consumer, Retail, and Auto lending divisions.

Josh Friend is Founder and CEO of Insellerate, he began his career as a loan officer and soon moved on to open six mortgage call centers. Over the past 21 years, he has grown to manage and train thousands of loan officers, processors, and marketing managers. That experience has helped him market to millions of consumers,  with that experience he has dedicated himself to building software for the mortgage industry since 2004.  With a keen eye for developing best-in-class sales processes, he leveraged automation & engagement software to build a better loan cycle. Combining the best from both a CRM and lead management system, Josh now enables lenders to achieve higher revenue goals with Insellerate’s award-winning CRM & Engagement Platform.

Listen to the Podcast here and if any issues you can listen directly from the website Fintech Hunting.

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